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9 life truths that will change the way you think about cleaning services

We have fresh insights on researching, subscribing to, and deciding whether to purchase cleaning services. Our small business is dedicated to making the cleaning process effortless, and we have a long list of satisfied customers who have been with us for the ride

1. Learn to say ďNoĒ

Knowing when and how to say ďNoĒ to things is a superpower.

Focus on the things that matter. Cut off the fluff.

Are you the person that everyone turns to when they need something? While itís wonderful to be helpful, itís also important to take care of yourself It is perfectly fine to clean your windows every 6 months and hire a cleaning service for your sick relativeís home every other week. Donít overwhelm yourself trying to do everything on your own

2. Donít wait for the right moment

The best time to start something new was yesterday.

Donít waste your time anymore.

Start doing it today:

  • Volunteering for a good cause
  • Quality time with family
  • A fun night out with friends

3. Stay true to yourself. Everybody else is taken

Donít try to be everything to everyone.

Focus on what you are good at and excel at them.

You donít have to clean your house if you feel ill-equipped or overwhelmed. Take time to research and look for services that provide the level of service you need and make sure to ask for references.

4. Keep calm and maintain cleanliness

Cleaning services are here to stay and the benefits are massive.

Increased work-life balance, autonomy, reduced cleaning time and so much more.

An invaluable service for anyone looking for an easy way to keep their home in tip-top shape. So, donít forget to take advantage of them!

5. Test, learn, and improve

Donít be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from them instead.

It pays to shop around. Donít be afraid to ask questions and shop around. You can find the best deals and get the best service by researching and comparing different services.

6. Build relationships

Work on something unrelated to your daily routine.

Explore new interests, test out new ideas, and get new skills.

Build relationships with your cleaning company and cleaners.

They are taking care of your personal space. Your future self will thank you!

7. Focus on your time and energy

Do things that matter and make a real impact.

Donít waste your time and energy on unimportant tasks.

Keep focused and organized when working with a cleaning service, this ensures that cleaning gets done in a timely manner.

8. Simple is beautiful

Less is more.

Focus on the fundamentals and remove the unnecessary.

Get rid of clutter

9. Donít be afraid to pivot

If you are not getting what you want from your cleaning service, donít be afraid to change direction and try some other company.

Jodec Cleaners

Jodec Cleaners

Jodec Cleaners was founded in 2022 with the mission to make spaces cleaner for Prince William County and surrounding areas of Virginia.

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